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Your Wellness Partner In Naxos

Practice Yoga with Purpose | Prioritize Your Self-Care

Welcome to Naxos Yoga & Sri

At Naxos Yoga & Sri, we blend Traditional Hatha Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation and Ancestral Practices to facilitate meaningful transformations in your life, fostering Self-Care, Fulfillment, and Contentment. We will inspire you to delve into the Transformative power of Yoga and help you develop a sustainable practice to deeply connect with your highest potential in order for you to thrive in every aspect of life. Most importantly by unlocking your highest potential, you will make a positive, lasting impact on your life and those around you.

We are dedicated to practice and educate on the ancient system of Traditional Hatha Yoga. Healing and growth become meaningful when we share the practices that transformed our own lives and wisdom we have embodied.

Driven by this intention,  Yoga & Sri was founded on the beautiful Greek island of Naxos in the Cyclades, where we offer in-person Yoga classes, sound healing and workshops. Our vision is to share and provide you with practical teachings and tools that can be used in your daily life, powerful enough to make life a purposeful journey.

Our Offerings


Group Classes | Half Day Retreat | Class Passes | Private
30€/ session

Practice at Home

Evolve your Practice

Here is what you can expect to learn, explore and develop over time

Stability and stillness: Through regular practice, you can learn to cultivate a sense of inner calm and stability that can help you navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and grace.

Balance and improved digestion: Certain postures and breathing techniques can help improve digestion and promote overall physical balance.

Capacity to let go of what you don’t need: As you learn to focus your mind and cultivate single-pointedness, you may find it easier to release negative thoughts, emotions, and patterns that no longer serve you.

Become fearless and courageous: Through regular practice, you can learn to face your fears and develop greater courage and confidence.

Be determined and passionate: By tapping into your inner strength and vitality, you can cultivate a greater sense of determination, passion and clarity in pursuing your goals.

Improved communication: As you cultivate greater self-awareness and clarity of mind, you may find that your communication skills improve.

Sense of inner joy: Regular practice can help cultivate a sense of inner joy and contentment that comes from being more fully present in the moment.

Clear intuition: Through regular practice, you can learn to develop and trust your intuition and inner guidance.

Expanded awareness: As you deepen your practice, you may experience an expansion of awareness and a deeper connection to the world around you.

Tantric Hatha Yogic principles and philosophies: You will learn the principles and philosophies that underpin the ancient Yogic tradition of Tantra Hatha Yoga.

Moon, Sun, Fire system: You will learn a system of practices that are designed to balance and activate different aspects of your being.

A proper method of Practice: You will learn the correct method of practice, ensuring that you receive its gifts.

The chakras’ subtle realities and how to activate them: You will learn about the subtle energy centers in the body called chakras and how to activate them through various practices.

Meditation sequence to reach deeper states of awareness: You will learn a sequence of meditation techniques that can help you get rid of the idea «that meditation is not for you».

Connect with others: Our practices provide a supportive and welcoming environment where you can connect with like-minded individuals on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

Our Values

We teach based on the knowledge we have embodied.

Continually educating ourselves with world-class instructors and healers in their fields and communities, we incorporate their practical wisdom into our own daily practices and life.

With this foundation, we aim to share the knowledge we have cultivated, so that you, as practitioners, can gain a deeper understanding of your practice, its purpose, and the outcomes you can expect. We are confident that this approach paves the way for a meaningful and safe journey toward self-discovery and inner fulfillment.

Our ultimate goal is to enable you to take the reins of your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Reviews from our Community

I was fortunate for the short time I was in Naxos that I was total rejuvenated, inside and out after taking a Hatha class then Vinyasa the next morning. Total attention on the breathing, purpose, alignment and strength. What a way to recharge during my vacation


We did morning chakra yoga and hatha yoga with Stefanos during our stay at Dream On Plaka. He was very helpful and guided us through a deep yoga series with a lot of breathing exercises in both classes. The location was right across from the beach.


A truly wonderful place to do Yoga in Naxos with incredible teachers who know so much about breathwork, meditation and different types of yoga. I thoroughly enjoyed every class and the guidance and support I received was invaluable. Its also really good value for money. Highly recommended!


... So calming yet super energizing. I highly recommend this to everyone. We’re all in need of mindful practices, to stay present and work with our body, breath and mind in strengthening ways - it’s truly wonderful... Stefanos emanates an extremely calming, lovely energy and I’m very grateful for the time together.


Fantastic experience!!!! Konstantina introduced us to real yoga and not the yoga "of the market".From the first moment you see her you start to feel peace and tranquility inside.She meticulously dealt with the needs of each of us!!!We thank her warmly for this unique experience she gave us!!!Till next time!!!


This yoga school is a gem on Naxos island! I've spent one week practicing with both Stefanos and Konstantina and what I've gained and learnt this week will definitely make a difference in my day to day yoga practice and living. Guys you're diamonds on earth; cannot recommend them enough, cheers, keep it up!


Excellent Yoga class! It gave me a new perspective of what Yoga really is. The classes are very complete, they guided me very well in postures, breathing and meditation.


Great yoga classes in Naxos! Konstantina and Stefanos are really kind and caring, we really enjoyed our week of Yoga with them in a calm and very peaceful place close to the beach in Plaka. Looking forward to coming back to Naxos to take classes again for my next vacation!


I experienced Konstantina and Stefanos as profound and humble teachers. With a lot of knowledge and beautiful classes. They showed me a new way of connecting to yoga. Which actually made me rethink my career choices. I’m very grateful thank you so much! I can just recommend their classes


On vacation in Naxos, this was such a great class especially to ground down and release stress associated with traveling! I blinked my eyes and class flew by. Nice activity to do alone or if your with a group!


Excellent yoga classes on Naxos. Professional friendly instructors, beautiful location, great value, mats provided . A great start /end to a day.


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